The song ‘Najharthera Aashu’ from the film ‘Kausid’ released

The poignant song ‘Najharthera Aashu’ from the Kumar Bhaskar-directed film ‘Kausid’ was released on Wednesday through the OSR Digital YouTube channel. The lyrics of the song describe the joys and sorrows of daily life. Words describe the story of a teacher who tries to provide happiness to others while ignoring his own misery.

Lakshman Baniya wrote the words, while Buddha Lama provided the song’s melody and vocals. Rahul Pradhan handles the mixing and mastering.

In addition to Reeccha Sharma, Bholaraj Sapkota, Rupesh Dahal, Parikshit Bikram Rana, Sadikshya Gautam, Nirbhik Bhattarai, and Sandeep Lohani, there are several other actors in the film. D-mesh Shrestha serves as executive producer on the film, which is also co-produced by Laxman Baniya and produced by Kedar Bhusal.

Nawa Bijaya Prakash Shrestha, and Dhirjan Thapaliya wrote this film’s script. Nisal Poudel handled the film’s photography, and Bhim Bishwakarma handled the editing. RR Films has acquired the distribution rights for the film, which was made under the Bud Pictures brand. This film will be screened on Ashwin 26

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