After winning Lokstar, Balram says – I will start searching for unrecorded songs that resonate in village

Balram Bishwokarma from West Rukum has won the title of Himalayan Lokstar. This 27-year-old youth, who entered the capital Kathmandu with the aim of making himself successful in folk music, has made a plan to advance his musical career in a different way after winning.

After the win, he said that his first priority would be to research unrecorded songs that resonate in villages. Three years ago, he sang ‘Aaja Mutu’ with Bishnu Majhi, which became a hit. After this song, he became popular in the music industry. Here is a brief conversation with Bishwokarma :

How do you take victory? In terms of victory, I have realized that I did not imagine myself. The way the audience liked it, the kind of harmony and blessings they gave, I feel a lot of happiness and responsibility added.

After winning, how do you plan to advance your musical career? In the meantime, it has been felt that a responsibility has been added. As much as possible, I give more priority to research and discovery in Nepali songs and music in Nepali originality, Nepali art culture, different languages, religions and cultures. I will give preference to novelty as much as possible over originality.

What do you mean by research and discovery? Even now unrecorded songs are played in the village. There are different types of culture. The central region has its own culture, the east has its own. Songs that are not recorded as much as possible, what does the community prefer? When we present what we present, not what I like, but what they like is the first priority.

Lately, there is a complaint that there is a crisis in Nepali original songs, is the situation like this? Distortion is very visible in music. Because we are in the program of Nepali originality. Such purpose is also to revive Nepalese soil and original culture. Distortion and inconsistency have no place in this soil.

What kind of feedback did you get after the win? Very good response. He has also called for respect from the district. I am preparing to go to the district in a few days. I want to be able to sing a song with a respectable person in my favorite creation.

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