Director Samudra Bhatta is preparing for a new film

Director Samundra Bhatta is going to make a new film with actress and model Aliza Gautam. This untitled film was announced on Saturday and is rumored to star Nischal Khadka and Aliza in the lead roles.

The film is a love story-crime-thriller that is being made under the banner of Sky Ocean Entertainment. Bhatta is the director and writer of the film. This will be the second film by both Aliza and Nischal. Aliza made her debut with ‘Anurag’, while Nischal’s debut film ‘London to Paris’ is yet to be screened. Additionally, he performed a dance to a song from the film “Pashupati Prasad 2: Bhashme Don.”

Aliza was attempting a comeback following ‘Anurag’. She made a comeback in 2077 with the Deepak Shrestha-directed film ‘Ghintang’. But she was later unable to work for private reasons. After this, she signed a contract with the film ‘Ghuicho’ in 2078. However, this film was limited to the announcement. Aliza is currently getting ready for her third comeback.

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