After an auspicious ceremony, Nischal and Swastima began filming “Behuli from Meghauli”

Along with the auspicious ceremony, the filming of ‘Behuli from Meghauli’ got underway in Chitwan on Wednesday. In Meghauli, Chitwan, the film will be filmed for a month.

This film is being produced by actress Swastima Khadka and her husband, actor Nischal Basnet, who is also involved in the production. The film “Behuli from Meghauli,” which stars Nischal Basnet and Swastima Khadka in the lead roles, was co-written and co-directed by Sajan Baral and Aakash Kafle. Along with other actors, the film stars Bijay Baral, Simran Khadka, and Aamir Gautaum.

The executive producers of the film are Shankar Pandey and Firoj Khadka. The film is scheduled to be released in Dashain next year. Black Horse Pictures and Meghauli Films are collaborating to produce the film under the banner Swastima.

Photo Courtesy: Keshab Pandey

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