From “Aktor,” Raj Ballav Koirala is returning to the film

Actor Raj Ballav Koirala, who has been living in America for the past few years, was expected to return after nine years with the film “Camino.” However, he left the production with his consent after production issues arose, and he is now returning with the film “Aktor,” which he shared on Facebook on Friday to confirm his return. Along with Raj Ballav, Pradeep Khadka and Anna Sharma will also be seen in the lead roles.

Raj Ballav, who began his acting career as an actor for the film “Parkhi Basen,” had a successful career in romantic comedies before making his Hollywood debut in “Highway to Dhampus.” However, after traveling to the United States in 2071 to film this movie, he was unable to resume acting. His last appearance in a Nepali film was “Hey Yuwa.”

Rajan Bhusal is the director of the film. Thaman Kumar Bhandari’s investment in the film is going to be produced under the banner of Adhreet Films. Anish Bhusal and Sarthak KC are co-producers of the film. The film, which is said to be shot soon, will be released within 2025. The film will have the cinematography of Narendra Mainali.

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