‘Bulaki’ was withdrawn from the hall saying that Film industry were trying to drown the producer.

Producer Viraj Bista has announced that the film ‘Bulaki’, which was released on Friday, will be taken down from the theaters on the occasion of New Year. From the second day of the performance, producer Bista has announced that the film will be released, showing that 70 percent shows were cut in multiplexes across the country, ofttimes shows were given, not a single show was given at the main station of Mofusal, etc. 

On Saturday evening, Biraj apologized to the audience and wrote on Facebook, ‘We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all the viewers who have yet to see our movie, we announce that the movie has been withdrawn from all the theaters showing from Sunday. We are not ready to accept that the film which received a good response from the entire audience was besieged from all sides as if the game was played to drown the producer.’

Bista says that now according to the demand of the audience, the film will be shown from the projectors. He complains that the film industry has also repeated the same behavior while making a film taking crores of risk by taking the story of Karnali and Sudurpaschim, which Kathmandu has neglected. ‘I will come with more stories about the country, society and soil. I am only tired, not defeated,’ writes Biraj.

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