Mukun and Lakshmi’s ‘Biccheda’ on Mangsir 8

Directed by Satyaraj Chaulagain, the film ‘Biccheda’ will be released on Mangsir 8. In a poster released on Saturday mentioning the screening date, the two main actors of the film Mukun Bhushal and Lakshmi Bardewa are featured. However, their faces are not shown. They are pictured sitting on a hill looking at the White Mountains and talking. 

The rest of the film was shot after three years after the filming was stopped in the middle of the global corona epidemic. Director Chaulagain said that preparations are being made to screen the film simultaneously in Nepal and other countries. The producers of the film are Raj Pandit, Dimesh Shrestha, Subas Rai and Sabitri Bajracharya. It is said that the film is based on the village environment.

Apart from Mukun and Lakshmi, the film also stars Sushma Niraula, Priya Rijal, Lay Sangraula, Hiuvala Gautam, Sarita Rajupadhyay, Jeevan Thapa and is directed by Sankalp Bhujel and edited by Bhupendra Adhikari. The song has music by SD Yogi, Suraj Thapa and Ashish Mahar, lyrics by Satyaraj Chaulagain and Ram Abiral and choreography by Suren Bassel.

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