Priyanka Karki in Jai Bahadur Chand’s song ‘Maina Chari’ (Video)

A new song by Jai Bahadur Chand, commissioner of the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission and former AIG, has been released on Thursday, through RT Entertainment YouTube channel. The song ‘Maina Chari’ written by Chand. Melina Rai has vocal in the song ‘Maina Chari’.

Maharaj Thapa has composed the music for the song composed by Basant Sapkota. Actress Priyanka Karki has danced in the music video choreographed by Kabiraj Gahatraj. The video shot by Sudip Baral has been edited by Om Khadka. This music video was directed by Saroj Oli.

This is a national song. I hope that it will awaken the national spirit in the general audience,’ said lyricist Chand. Earlier, Chand’s song ‘Seto Topi’, which raised public awareness about traffic, became famous.

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