On Bhadra 29, Swastima and Barsha ‘Aincho Paincho’!

Every year there is a fight between the producers to screen the film on Teej. The release date is announced on Teej without the production of the film. This year Teej is on Ashwin 1st. And, Ashwin 3rd is Constitution Day. Why are Nepali producers who do not stop fighting even if they do not have a single holiday, ready to give two days of vacation to others? There may be a big clash between Nepali films in the upcoming Teej. 

However, so far no film has announced the release date targeting Teej. Keeping in mind the possibility of big films coming, small investment films have not been able to assign Teej a performance. Big banner and investment films are waiting for the release date of other films. However, there is talk that the film ‘Aincho Paincho’ is going to be screened to cover the holidays of Teej and Constitution Day.

Except for one song, the entire shooting of the film has been completed and it is likely to be released on Bhadra 29th targeting Teej. Recently, the lead actress of this film Swastima Khadka said on Instagram that a fan asked about the release date of ‘Aincho Paincho’ and said that it could be released on Teej. The production team is preparing to announce the performance date through posters in a few days. 

In the debut directorial debut of Krisha Chaulagain, who has produced four films like ‘Insaaf’, ‘Kasam Hajurko’, ‘Ke Ma timro saathi banna sakchu ra’, and ‘Palash’, along with Swastima Khadka, Barsha Raut, Mukun Bhushal, Bishal Pahari, Kosish Chhetri, Sushil Sitaula, Sharda Giri is also acting. Abhimanyu Nirvi has prepared the screenplay and dialogues of the film, which is directed by Purushottam Pradhan.

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