The movie ‘Bahav’ is on cinema hall from today

Kathmandu – The Nepali movie ‘Bahav’ has been screened from today. Written and directed by Pramod Kandel, the movie presents the ideological conflict between actress Suraksha Pant and actor Kamal Mani Nepal.

Director Kandel informed that some developments are compatible with him. Some experiences of my life have been presented through a character in the movie. This is a story connected with our society”, he said, “we have tried to bring some changes in the style of narration. In this film, the rules of film making have been broken.

Actress Pant played the role of Sandhya in the movie. She said that she spent time as a family throughout the filming period. We spent some time as a family as seen in the movie to make the role come alive. An attempt has been made to expose the unseen side of the society. It’s not just entertainment’, actress Pant said, ‘It also has something to do with my life. I got a chance to understand life in a different way.’

Actor Nepal said that he got emotional while acting with actress Pant in a scene. When we take the character of society, we take its essence. While portraying the character of Sandhya, I took my essence from my father or uncle. When Sandhya and I had a dialogue, that scene made me emotional’, Nepal said – ‘The audience will find themselves somewhere when watching this scene.’

Producer Sridhar Paudel had produced the movie ‘Gopi’ before this. Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatt, Ishwari Singh, Hiralal Kandel, Pawan Shrestha and others have acted in the movie ‘Bahav’, which expresses the feeling of curiosity, thought and the story of reality.

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