Suraksha Pant says – You should take a break after marriage but not in a way that affects your work (Video)

Suraksha Pant says – You should take a break after marriage but not in a way that affects your work (Video)

Suraksha is busy promoting two films that are going to be released almost at a same time.

Recently, actress Suraksha Pant has been very busy. On the 24th of Chaitra, the movie ‘Bahav’ starring her is going to be screened and on the 1st of Baisakh, ‘Bulaki’.

She is also the judge of Nepal’s first poetry reality show ‘The Poet Idol’. As the film’s release date approaches, she is on a promotional spree.

Actress Suraksha, who got married on Falgun 25, has not been able to give time to her family properly. Her husband Manav Subedi is also involved in the art field.

Suraksha’s husband Manav has acted in the films ‘Antral’ and ‘Chini Kam Rang Kada’. He is currently busy directing a short film. Manav wants to make a feature film while Suraksha is enjoying acting. As both of them belong to the art field, it is easy to work, says Suraksha.

‘If you have a good spouse, everything will be easy. When more than half of the housework is handled by others, you can focus on your work. I have got such a life partner,’ said Suraksha, ‘When you are alone, you have to manage your home and professional life. If you are a travel companion, you can share the work. We also ask each other for constructive advice. The good thing about my marriage is the creative combination.’

Many actresses have left acting after marriage. But actress Suraksha Pant has a different opinion. She says that she should not quit her job just because she got married.

After marriage, it is necessary to take a break from work. But not in a way that will affect your work. It is necessary to make some time for your spouse and new family. I am also trying to make time for family. But I don’t believe in giving up work,’ she said.

Two films coming within a week can affect the market. But Suraksha is not too worried about it.

‘It doesn’t matter in terms of the artist but it can affect the producer. Watch it as a competition for the audience to see which film will do better. Both films are films of different genres. In one, psychology is included and in the other, the ongoing customs of Karnali province. The audience will like both the films,’ she said.

The theme of the film written and directed by Pramod Kandel is based on curiosity, thought and reality.

Along with Suraksha, Kamalmani Nepal, Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatt, Ishwari Singh, Hiralal Kandel, Pawan Shrestha and other actors are acting in the film.

Sukarsha says about this film, ‘You are a film that makes us think about how we think, whether it is right or not.’

The film was initially titled ‘Green Bird’. It is named so because the parrot plays the lead role in the film.

In the film, parrot is a member of the family. His name is Babu. The character of Sandhya was created to reflect all of these, what is the psychology of a parrot when it is kept in a cage, what is it like when it is taken out,’ she said.

Suraksha played the role of Sandhya in Bhava. She is portrayed as a rebellious character in the film.

Similarly, the film ‘Bulaki’, which will be screened on 1st Baisakh, is based on the ongoing tradition of Karnali region. Suraksha plays the central role in the film.

Directed by Laxman Sunar, the film ‘Bulaki’ stars Naren Khadka, Viraj Bista, Ramesh Budhathoki, Prakash Kandel, Kuldeep Adhikari, Sushil Pokharel, Laxmi Giri, Sonu Sedhai, Saraswati Khatri along with Suraksha. Security says that the practice is still continuing in Karnali province.

‘While shooting the film there, we found out that the practice is still going on. It is hoped that this film will help to eradicate the ongoing practice,’ she said.

Lately, when the story of Far West is shown in the film, the female character is placed in the center. Suraksha says that she is not satisfied with such a thing.

‘If I could choose the character of the film, I would choose a different one than what I am doing now. When women centric films are made, they are always portrayed as sad characters which I don’t like,’ she said, ‘I am attracted to women centric films. It can be a woman who laughs, an athlete, a woman who can fly a ship, a woman who can be president or a woman who is nothing.’

Both these films were shot during the lockdown.

‘I am barely realizing how many films I have acted in during the lockdown,’ she said.

Suraksha made her acting debut with the film ‘Ajhai pani’. She has acted in films like ‘Gopi, Ghar, Aama, Ke Ghar Ke Dera, Dhanpati’.

Watch the conversation with her in the video:

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