Shabir Shrestha will produce and direct the film “Rukhan,” which documents the struggles of women.

Renowned director Shabir Shrestha, of “Kasle Choryo Mero Man,” is slated to direct a film titled “Rukhan.” On Monday, a poster for the film was released, announcing its production. A woman in a rebellious avatar is featured on a theme poster. Protesters, soldiers, oxygen mask-wearing patients, and justice statues can all be seen in the background.

Krishna Thapa (Australia) and Suresh Gurung are among the producers of the film, which is being made in four languages, ​​including Nepali, English, Hindi and Bhojpuri, while Sabin Shrestha is the executive producer. Abhimanyu Nirvi wrote the screenplay and dialogue for the film, while Dr. Rupak Ghimire provided the story. The film is being produced by Kites Entertainment, Victory Production House, and Sabin Films. Arjun Pokharel is composing the music.

The film’s director, Shabir Shrestha, describes the film as “a story of a woman’s struggle,” adding, “With this, we have tried to expose the problems of the citizens of the country.” It is evident that the film’s protagonist will be a female actor, and he says that the artist selection process is presently in progress. Sabin Shrestha, meanwhile, is reportedly set to play the movie’s lead role.

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