‘Prema’ knelt in the hall

‘Prema’ knelt in the hall

There are 9 days left to ask for leave the year 2079. This year has been a happy one for the Nepali film industry, which has been delayed for almost 2 years due to the corona epidemic. Compared to the pre-Covid era, there are comparatively more successful films this year. However, the situation is not encouraging. Because, the number of films that do not even raise money for poster printing is higher this year than the films that raise investment. 

This year, the pathetic performance of some expected films shocked the film industry itself. A film of a superstar like Anmol KC could not even last a week in the theatres. This was also the case with the film ‘Prema’ which was released this week. This year’s superhit film ‘Mahapurusha’ actor Arun Chhetri starrer this second film has hit the theaters less than a week after its release.

Since the film started making records on the show ‘Cancel’ from the day of its release, most of the multiplexes released the film within three days. Both the reviews and the audience response were not good, so the film failed. A film like Naam has not been able to take the audience to the world of love. The film ‘Chakka Panja 4’ got the benefit of ‘Prema’ not attracting the audience. Because the audience could not be divided. 

Actress Subeksha Khadka had the biggest pressure to make ‘Prema’ a success. Because, when her debut film ‘Ranveer’ flopped, her career could not progress smoothly. The success of ‘Prema’ became a must for her to sustain herself in the film. However, when the results of the second film are worse than the first film, Subeksha’s career is in crisis.

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