Film ‘Bahav’ passed censor

Kathmandu- Actress Suraksha Pant’s film ‘Bahav’ has passed the censor. On Monday, the film censor board passed the censor by giving a universal certificate that film can be watched by everyone. Producer Sridhar Paudel has informed that the film has passed the censor.

Pramod Kandel has written/directed the film which is going to be screened from Chaitra 24th. Apart from Suraksha, Kamalmani Nepal, Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatt, Ishwari Singh, Hiralal Kandel, Pawan Shrestha and others can be seen acting in the film.

Edited by Sujan Badal, the film has music by Basant Sapkota, Sushant Gautam and Rikesh Gurung. It is said that the story of rebellion within the family is presented in the film, which is presented by Swarnim Entertainment and Young Star Cinema. RR Films has taken over the distribution of the film.

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