Actor Anmol KC was arrested in the case of ‘criminal betrayal’

Anmol KC, a well-known Nepali film actor, has been taken into custody by the police. Sources claim that he was arrested by the Valley Police Crime Branch on Friday afternoon from Sanga, Bhaktapur on the charge of defrauding a filmmaker. With the court’s approval, the police detained him on suspicion of financial betrayal of Rs1 crore, 15 lakh.

In terms of working in the film, the production team gave him Rs 10 lakh as an advance salary. Katuwal on behalf of director and producer Sudarshan Thapa’s company Sudarshan Thapa Productions filed a police complaint against Anmol on the 8th of Ashwin, saying that he cheated and refused to work at the last moment after promising to work in the film ‘Rawayan’. After the complaint, the court issued an arrest warrant against Anmol after he did not come even after being called for discussion several times. Now he is under the control of Min Bhawan police office.

A few days ago, Anmol wrote a status on Facebook saying that he will work in the film without any pressure or rush. This status was aimed at ‘Rawayan’. Director Thapa was planning to start filming from Ashwin 13th. However, when Anmol was not ready for this, a dispute started within the team. Finally, this dispute reached the police.

What is interesting is that Anmol accepted a check of 10 lakhs as the first phase remuneration without signing the ‘Rawayan’ agreement. The work progressed on the basis of trust between the two parties. Actors like Neeti Shah, Shilpa Maskey, Nikita Chandak and others have been signed for the film. However, after Anmol decided not to work at the last moment, the production of the film was confused and the producer suffered a huge financial loss.

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