Salin Man said, “There was a gap in acting as there was no good film offer”.

Salin Man said, “There was a gap in acting as there was no good film offer”.

Kathmandu- Salin Man Baniya was suddenly brought into the limelight by ‘Ae Mero Hajur 2’. Salin Man of ‘Cute Looks’, which was sought after by the teenage audience, showed signs of becoming a star from this film. But his second film ‘Yatra’ failed at the box office.

Four years have passed since all this happened. Salin Man is now almost unknown in the film industry. Recently, he was seen attending the wedding of his close friend actor Salon Basnet. At that time, the media asked him about his preparations to return to films. His usual reply was, ‘A good script did not come.’

Since then, Salin Man has not signed any film, instead he is spending his time playing the video game PUBG. He also talks to fans on PUBG Live. A fan asks him a question on PUBG Live about returning to film. Answering fans on PUBG Live, he said that he did not get offers for good films.

He complained that he was not interested working in the film, saying that the story of Nepali films had worked in the old style. He was confused about when his new film will be released. He also asked the fans to watch A Mero Hajur 2 and make up their minds.

Some time ago, there was a discussion about his marriage plan, but it was put on hold after his girlfriend flew abroad for studies.

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