Swoopna Suman’s new song on YouTube trending

Kathmandu- Famous singer Swoopna Suman’s new ghajal song ‘Je Chhau Timi’ has managed to occupy the top position of YouTube trending. Two days ago, public song managed to occupy the top position of YouTube by getting more than 1.7 million viewers till the time of making the news. The song has received 172 thousand likes. However, the dislike button is hidden.

A charming song about a boy describing the girl of his choice is composed in a classical style. Samir Shrestha has given vocal support to Suman in the song, which has lyrics and music by Swoopna Suman.

The singer is also seen in the video of the song. Ashok Adhikari edited the video of the song, which was shot and directed by Nayan Rai. In addition to occupying the top position of trending in Nepal, the video of the song has also managed to reach trending 6 in UAE and trending 2 in Australia.

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