Kantipur Cinemas, an OTT platform, now streaming the film “Nepali Fiction.”

‘Kantipur Cinemas’, an OTT platform that has long offered film education, is now releasing films from independent filmmakers. On this platform, you can watch independent movies like “Mother,” “Mukhiya,” “Ritu,” “Kharani,” and “Pankheta.” Another ‘indie’ film, ‘Nepali Fiction’ has been released.

The film presents the conflict arising from greed in a comedic manner, as well as the conflict between the two characters who went to deliver drugs to a gangster during the share distribution. On Falgun 2, the film had its world premiere at Kathmandu’s Bishwojyoti Cineplex. At its premiere, the film received positive reviews. This film was produced in 2022.

Devendra Khatri is the film’s director. He had produced a number of short films earlier. The film stars Sanjog Rasaili, Ruja Raut, Bimal Puri, Supragya Sharma, Rupesh Dahal, etc. Ashish Ghimire shot the film’s cinematography, and Sajal Lopchan handled editing. Along with “Nepali Fiction,” films and TV shows like “Brahmand,” “Julebi,” and “Jackie: I am Twenty One” are accessible on this over-the-top service.

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