The song ‘Maya Salala’ was released (Video)

The music video for the song ‘Maya Salala’ was released on Saturday from the YouTube channel Basanta Bishwokarma.

Mausam Himali is the director and choreographer of this story-based song, which features vocals by Khem Century and Soni Kunwar Chhetri, music and lyrics by Basanta Bishwokarma, arrangements and mixing by Shyamswet Rasaili, cinematography by Nabaraj Uprety, and editing and color by Nabin Gharti Magar. The song has a story by Mausam Himali as well.

The song features Basanta Bishwokarma and Juna Bishwokarma falling in love. However, the custom of Deuki was prevalent in the Doti and Baitadi districts of Sudurpaschim province. It is thought that in the 14th century, King Nagi Malla of the Doti Kingdom established this tradition.

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