The film ‘Jigree’ will be released on Falgun 4

Suskera Arts presents and produces the film ‘Jigree’. The production team revealed the film’s release date on Sunday with the publication of three different posters with the tagline, “One is like a potato, the other is like copper.” The film will be released on Falgun 4.

‘Jigree’ is a mixture of comedy-crime-action-drama and directed by Akash Magar. Abhay Raj Baral, Akash Magar, Sushil Raj Pandey, Pashupati Rai, Supriya Rana, Roshan Subedi, Jeevan Baral, Basudev Khanal, Naveen Lamsal, Kedar Shrestha, Diwakar Ghimire, Sushila Lakshmi Maharjan, Manish Vyanju, Sneha Rasaili, Arjun Paudel, Shankar Bhandari, and others are acting in this film.

The story of “Jigree” centers on two very different but ambitious young people who travel to Kathmandu, with the main theme being their struggle to survive in a city of high prices and shortages. The film attempts to depict to the audience, through a blend of crime, comedy, and action, the predicament of Nepalese youth who do not receive the wages that they deserve for their laborious efforts and the incidents that result from it.

The executive producer of the film is Kusum Thapa Magar, and the producer is Kumar Shrestha. The film has cinematography by Sumit Bhatt and Somit Majhi, editing and color by Sarun Manandhar, sound concept and mixing by Kishore Acharya, production design by Aaki Thekpa, music by Subas Poudel and Bhaskar Swar, action director by Kedar Shrestha, and VFX by Luz Rajbhandari.

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