Shristi, Saugat and Bipin in the poster of ‘The Red Suitcase’

The Nepali film ‘The Red Suitcase’, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, is slated to take place on Chaitra 30. On Sunday, the official poster for the film was unveiled, confirming the premiere date.

The poster features the character appearances of the film’s main actors. Shristi Shrestha is seen in the role of a rural woman. In their portrayals, Saugat Malla and Bipin Karki are also mentioned.

At the Venice premiere, there was a three-minute standing ovation for the film. It tells the tale of a driver who travels with a red suitcase in a pickup truck while transporting cargo. In addition to the driver’s journey, we learn about the nation’s politics and economy, which is not enjoyable for any of us. Saugat Malla portrays a driver in the film.

Additionally, this film has also premiered at the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland. From a review perspective, this Fidel Devkota-directed film is highly anticipated. The lineup of films from Icefall Productions has been particularly intriguing over the past few years. Aaina Jhyalko Putli and Halkara, two of Icefall’s films, received Oscar nominations from Nepal.

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