‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ Teaser: Patience’s sacrifice and struggle to become a dancer


The teaser of the film ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ directed by choreographer Rensha Vanthawa Rai has been released. The teaser released on YouTube shows the ups and downs of the family’s dream of forming the British Army becoming an obstacle to the dream of becoming a dancer. 

The teaser makes it clear that the film is based on the theme of dance. The ‘dance moves’ included from 19 seconds to 51 seconds are attractive and compelling. The work of the background score in the teaser is commendable. Although many films have been made on the story of dance in the world, this is the first time in Nepal. And, looking at the teaser, there is a possibility that the film can attract the audience who prefer dance dramas.

Dhiraj Magar and Jasita Gurung are playing the lead roles in the film which is going to be released on 21st Baisakh. Both are playing the role of dancers in the film. They learned dance for a long time for the film. Arun Chhetri, Prem Subba, Luniva Tuladhar, Palpsa Dangol, Raju Bhuju, Sujata Rai, Suryaman Limbu, Vikas Joshi, Rizon Periyar, Sushant Gautam are also acting. 

Produced by Prabhu Shamsher Jabara and Prajwal Shamsher Jabara under the banner of iCore Films, the film has music by Rohit Shakya and Kaliprasad Baskota, cinematography by Sushan Prajapati, editing by Nimesh Shrestha, background score by Rohit Shakya and choreography by The Wild Rapperz Crew. Renshaw said that although it was challenging to make a film on the subject of dance, she made an honest effort.

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