The music video for the new song ‘Gajale’ by Mallika Karki features actor Aryan Sigdel in a romantic role.

Mallika Karki, a singer with a rich melodious voice, released her new song, ‘Ghajale’, on Saturday.

Rajesh Kumar Shrestha wrote the song’s lyrics, while Alish Karki composed its melody. Shyamswet Rasaily mixed the song, which Rajan Ishan had arranged.

Kabiraj Gahatraj choreographed and directed the video, which included singer Mallika and actor Aryan Sigdel in the song of the dancing number. Smarika Dhakal, Suresh Kohli, Kiran KC, Anshoo Thapa, and Divya Karki are also featured in the video.

The video has cinematography by Hari Humagai,n editing by Mitra D Gurung, design by Ananta Ghimire, makeup by Saroj Pandey, art by Manik Tamang, and production by Debraj Sapkota.

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