The film ‘Baagan’ Directed by Saroj Khanal, will be released on Asadh 29

The new release date of actor Saroj Khanal’s debut directorial film ‘Baagan’ has been fixed. The release date of the film has been announced on the 29th of Asadh by releasing a poster on Thursday. Earlier, the film was scheduled to be released on Falgun 12 last year. However, it could not be released due to various reasons. On Asadh 29, the film ‘Badri Bahadur’ will also be screened. 

Presented by Suresh Wagle and executive produced by Binod Manandhar, the film stars Karishma Manandhar, Pramila Karki, Nir Shah, Aakash Shrestha, Mithila Sharma, Bashundhara Bhushal along with director Khanal. The film has Gauri Shankar Dhunju as DOP, Narayan GC and Utsab Dahal as cinematographer, Arjun GC, Rajesh Shah and Sandesh Shah as editors.

Director Khanal has said that through the film he has raised the question that he should also marry a widowed mother. He says, ‘If a man needs a life partner to spend the rest of his life after the death of his wife at a young age, don’t women need it? Now not only the widowed father, but also the widowed mother should be married. This is the question raised by the film. ‘

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