Pooja Sharma was criticized for being a “multifaceted woman.”

Singer Samikshya Adhikari has been constantly criticizing actor Paul Shah through her Facebook status. Pooja Sharma, an actress, is her target this time. She posted a status on Facebook on Wednesday night that referred to Pooja as a “multifaceted woman.”

She shared a status on social media that read, “Pretend to cry to run the cinema one last time.” “Yesterday, you got to me by calling him various things.” “You are once again manipulating that situation for your personal gain, multifaceted woman.” It is evident that the reviewer is sarcastic towards Pooja, even though she does not identify anyone by name in the status. In the remarks regarding her status, Pooja’s name has been mentioned frequently.

As the film “Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2” was being released, Pooja sobbed in the hallway as she thought back to Paul’s imprisonment. Pooja also made an odd face toward the review at that moment in an attempt to salvage the moment. But once he was out of prison, Pooja was upset with him. They did not speak to each other for a very long time. Pooja started getting close to Samikshya Adhikari at that point in order to make fun of Paul.

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