The trailer of the film ‘Hookah’, which is based on a family story, has been released

The trailer of the film ‘Hookah: An Absurd Dream’, which is preparing to be screened on the 12th of Jestha, has been released. Directed by Shambhu Thapa, this film presents a touching family story. Spiny Babbler Creation has produced the film in collaboration with Hashtag Nepal.

Top actors Pramila Khanal, Santosh Kumar Atreya, Prakash Ghimire, Tej Giri, Ashu Neupane, Talisha Gurung and others are featured in the trailer. The hookah love of Prakash’s character is shown in the trailer. The scene of Pramila’s character selling jewelery while Santosh Kumar’s character, who is dressed as an ancestor, tells him to go to Pokhara to collect money, is touching.

In addition to Pramila’s fight with her brother regarding Pramila’s share, it can be understood that the film raises family issues, including the scene where the husband tries to take his wife by not allowing her to enter the house due to suspicion. Shambhu Thapa and Ashu Neupane’s characters are presented with the pain of childlessness for five years. Another actor of the film, Elisha BC’s husband threatened her not to return home until she brought five lakhs, showing the domestic pain of the woman.

The film has lyrics and music by Prayat Shrestha, vocals by Prayat Shrestha and Eugene Rai, story by Santosh Kumar Atreya, screenplay by Santosh Kumar Atreya and Bhagwan Paudel and dialogues by Bishnu Prasad Bastola, VFX by Rajendra Moktan, editing by Dilga Khadka and cinematography by Krishna Bahadur Thapa.

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