Audition for foreign actors in Australia for ‘Rumani Rang’

The Anil Yonjan-directed film ‘Rumani Rang’ is being shot in Australia from Baisakh. Foreign actors will also be selected for the film, which will have actress Samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah and actor Dhiraj Magar in the lead roles. The second lead actress in the film will have an audition, according to director Yonjan, who is also an Australian citizen.

DeBoys Entertainment, an Australian line producer company, reports that 216 Australian citizens have applied online since the audition call. Only one will be chosen as the second lead actress, according to presenter GM Thakuri, after the “Top 10” were chosen from 216 applicants. For the film, five additional international actors will be chosen through auditions.

The film is a co-production of Abishkar Multimedia and the Global Media and Research Center, with executive producer Hari Malla Thakuri. In addition to Sushil Thapa, Srijan Basnet, Santosh Saru, and Bijay Adhikari, Mahesh Paudel is one of the film’s co-producers. According to director Yonjan, the film is a love story set in the modern era. He characterizes the film as a vibrant love tale.

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