Aanchal Sharma in controversy, objected to ‘body Shaming’ of the model

Actress Aanchal Sharma is currently being widely criticized on social media. Aanchal has been in controversy over the comment she made on a male model who was auditioning for the IEC Designer Runway 12 audition program.

Anchal appeared as a judge in the audition of ‘IEC Designer Runway 12’ held in Kathmandu 4 days ago. The event was live on Instagram. Meanwhile, Aanchal is heard saying objectionable things about the body of a young man who was walking on the stage.

After the video was posted on social media by the young man named Ganesh, everyone criticized Aanchal’s intelligence. Also, now there are reactions on the same subject on the pictures posted on Anchal’s Instagram.

A young man named Ganesh has written on his Tiktok – ‘I am sharing something here. I welcome all kinds of feedback from you. I just auditioned for ‘ICE Designer Runway 12’. I found my video on Next Model Nepal’s Instagram page, but I was surprised when I saw it. Aanchal Sharma, one of the judges of that competition, body-shamed me the whole time I was walking on the stage. Body shaming is not a good thing. You all know this.

In a live video, Aanchal has said, “He doesn’t eat anything?” The man who was sitting nearby replied that ‘it must have been maintained’. Then Aanchal said, ‘it is not said to be maintained, it is said to be malnutrition’.

A young man Ganesh writes – ‘I can’t believe this, especially when it comes out from Aanchal’s mouth. Also, young man questioned Aanchal and said – ‘You always talk like this behind your back, don’t you? ‘You have come to evaluate my walk and not my body. I am not sharing this video on social media to get any sympathy, but I want to show what kind of person we are calling ‘celebrity’.

Aanchal Sharma is being criticized after a young man Ganesh posted a video on social media. Most of them responded by saying that Aanchal has no right to judge other people’s bodies. Actress Barsha Raut has also responded to this. Barsha Raut writes – ‘You are amazing. I want to admire your confidence. Always be impressive’.

Most of the social network users have also requested other actors of Nepali films to speak on this issue. With the release of the video, one can see the reaction on the same issue in the pictures posted on Anchal’s Instagram.

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