Dilip’s daughter, Divya Rayamajhi, is Pradeep’s pairing in ‘Aktor’

Divya Rayamajhi, the daughter of actor Dilip Rayamajhi, has also made her way into the movie business. It has been confirmed that she will make her acting debut in the currently pre-production Nepali film “Aktor.” In addition, Divya and actor Pradeep Khadka are certain to have a romantic relationship on screen.

Divya’s mother, Manju Rayamajhi, and the Aktor’s producer, Thaman Kumar Bhandari, inked a formal agreement on Thursday. Divya is in America right now. She received the script via email from the production side. The production side claims that she agreed to work after liking the story of the film and her character. She is scheduled to arrive in Nepal within the next few days, based on the information gathered.

In “Aktor,” Divya will be paired with actor Pradeep Khadka. As understood, Pradeep is Divya’s favorite actor. The film also stars Raj Ballav Koirala and actress Anna Sharma in major roles. After nearly nine years away, Raj Ballav Koirala is set to return to the silver screen. This “lineup” gives the impression that the film will be entertaining.

The shooting of the film will start in the first week of Baisakh. With Laxmi Pooja on Kartik 15 next year, the production team is getting ready to release the movie. This film will have the cinematography of Narendra Mainali. Reet Bohara is the associate director of the film. Anish Bhusal is the film’s co-producer.

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