Actress Nandita KC at Mehendi Ceremony (Photos)

Nandita KC, an actress, is getting married tomorrow. Still, Thursday marks the beginning of the excitement surrounding her wedding. During the mehendi ceremony on Thursday, she appeared extremely joyful.

Arbindra Katwal, an American resident, will wed Nandita. Only a select few film crews have been invited to their wedding. Actress Shweta Khadka, director and choreographer Rensha Bantawa Rai, reporter Shristi Pokhrel from Newsfilmy, media personality Madan Rijal from MNM Videos, and Utsav Rasaili from Ramailochha were among those present at the mehendi ceremony. During the mehendi ceremony, Nandita and Arvindra looked adorable together. Arvindra showed Nandita his affection by giving her flowers.

Nandita has also spent a few years residing in the United States. The two of them want to get married. Nandita had announced on social media a few days prior that she was embarking on a new chapter in her life.

Photo Courtesy: Social media

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