Neeti Shah went to Mumbai saying that time was wasted when the signed film was not made

Niti Shah, who has a Miss Nepal background, once refused countless film offers. When she was ready to work in the film, even the contracted film was not made. Her film contract has been a hat-trick. ‘Hututu’ was the first film for which Neeti signed a contract, while she was signed for ‘X9’ the previous year. However, the production of both these films has become confusing. 

Last Falgun, she signed a contract with ‘Camino’ as her third film. She also attended a film workshop for a few weeks. However, due to various reasons, the shooting could not start at the scheduled time, so she withdrew from the film. After leaving the film, she moved to Mumbai to learn acting. There she is studying acting at Anupam Kher’s acting school.

Neeti, who was disappointed after the contracted film could not be produced, wrote a note on Instagram on Sunday and informed that she came to Mumbai to learn and learn more about acting because she needs to work a lot on her skills and confidence to improve her acting. She also mentioned that she felt that she was wasting her time when the contracted films were being postponed.

niti shah

Niti writes, ‘The film that I had contracted was postponed. And I thought I was wasting my time. I worked in the fashion industry for 10 years but acting is something else. So I felt that I needed to work a lot on my skills and confidence.’ She said that she also took acting classes in Nepal and it helped her a lot.

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