Actress Nandita KC got engaged and going to marry on Falgun 19

Nandita, an actress, is getting married. On Saturday, the 19th of Falgun, she will get married in Kathmandu. She is going to marry Dr. Arvindra Katwal. In Canada’s Banff National Park, Katwal put on a ring and proposed to Nandita a few days ago. Nandita mentioned that she answered “yes” while sharing the photo.

She tweeted a sweet photo of herself and her boyfriend on Sunday, claiming that she is not “single.” She shared the photo of their engagement on Monday night. As per the details obtained, Arvindra, Nandita’s prospective spouse, works as a cardiologist. He resides in the United States state of North Carolina. Nandita has also resided in America for an extended period of time.

Ten years ago, Nandita’s Nepali films enjoyed a healthy level of demand. She did not carry on acting after moving to America, though. Her first feature film was “Indreni,” and her most recent release is “Jung Bahadur Ko Coat.” Among the more than two dozen movies in which she has acted are “Hami Tin Bhai,” “Bato Muniko Phool,” “Basama Chain Yo Mann,” “Sapana,” “Trishul,” “Parai,” “Logne Manchhe,” and “Yuddha.”

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