NRNA honors ‘Mero Voice Universe’ and ‘Mero Dance Universe’ contestants

Kathmandu- The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has given special honor to the artists of Nepali origin who came to Nepal through the International Welfare and Support Foundation of America for the world class competition of ‘My Voice Universe’ and ‘My Dance Universe’.

In the program organized on Sunday, 200 artists of Nepalese origin living in different countries of the world were honored. There are 240 contestants of Nepalese origin including Nepal, India, Thailand, Myanmar, America, Australia, and various European countries in the competition to be organized by the International Well Fair and Support Foundation of America.

In the program, the executive president of the association, Dr. Badri KC, expressed his respect for the leadership contribution in the campaign to connect the Nepali people around the world through culture while protecting, promoting and promoting Nepali art, language and culture, and expressed his wishes for the grand success of Mero Voice Universe and Mero Dance Universe.

Chairman KC said that NRN has been taking initiatives for a long time in the campaign to connect the second generation Nepalis with Nepal.

Dilli Adhikari, president of the International Welfare and Support Foundation of America, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of NRNA in starting Nepali ethnic unity with brotherhood through song and music. He asked for the revision of non-resident Nepalese policy to provide a circular with a legal basis to Nepalese in Thailand, Myanmar and other countries.

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