The second trailer video released for film ‘Gurkha Warrior’

The second trailer has been released for the film, “Gurkha Warrior,” which is based on the “Jungle War.” The trailer, which lasts two minutes, highlights the Gurkha soldiers’ valor in the war, their hardships in combat, their family circumstances, and the society of Nepal seventy or eighty years ago. The trailer also combines comedy and love. Overall, the film’s second trailer appears promising.

The film, directed by Milan Chams, is based on the heroic actions of the Gurkha soldiers from Nepal during the 1949 Malaya Emergency Jungle War. The film, which will be released on Falgun 11th, stars Vijay Lama, Ritesh Chams, Rear Rai, Rebika Gurung, Shishir Bangdel, Kabita Ale, Suraj Tamu, Birup Ghale, Trichu Rai, Diggaj Khatri, and others in the lead roles.

The film is produced by Suman Rai and Susmita Waiba, with executive producers Prashant Thapa and Rajendra Ghimire. It was co-written by director Chams and Giriraj Ghimire. The co-producer is Suresh Rai. The film has cinematography by Sudeep Baral, direction by Himal KC, and editing by Milan Shrestha. Last August, the film premiered at IMAX Cineworld in London.

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