The film ‘Shambhala’ selected at Berlin International Film Festival, Released trailer

This Friday, “Shambhala,” the second feature film from “Kaalo Pothi” director Min Bahadur Bham, will have its world premiere at the renowned Berlin Film Festival. Director Bham and the team have arrived in Berlin for this. The trailer with English subtitles was released the night before the film’s premiere. The tale is told through the character of Pema in relation to the practice of polygamy in the two-minute trailer.

Pema (Thinle Lhamo) is married to three siblings from the same house. And one of their husbands goes to Lhasa for business but does not return. Following this, the trailer depicts Pema’s search for him while she is pregnant. The trailer makes greater use of the Tibetan language. There is only one scene where the Nepali language is audible. The trailer also features actors Sonam Topden, Karma, and others.

The “Shambhala” trailer has been readyed for the Berlin Film Festival. This movie has been chosen for the international category of Berlin’s main competition, which includes 19 other international films. “Shambhala” is the first Nepali feature film to be selected in this category in Berlin. The film, which was made with a budget of 14 crores, had already won many international ‘funds’ before its production.

The film, which was co-written by director Bham and director of “Lori,” Abinash Bikram Shah, was filmed in Dolpa at an altitude of 4200 to 6000 feet. The first title of the film was “Chiso Barsh,” and it was produced in association with France, Norway, Hong Kong, Turkey, Taiwan, America, and Qatar in addition to Nepal. After writing 44 drafts in 6 years, director Bham named the film ‘Shambhala’.

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