Anmol and Jassita pair in ‘Farki Farki’

Actor Anmol KC and actress Jassita Gurung are going to tie the knot in the film ‘Farki Farki’. They are going to work together for the first time in the film to be made under the direction of ‘Sano Man’ famed director Suyog Gurung. Producer Rohit Adhikari signed a paper contract with Anmol on Friday afternoon. As for Jassita, the agreement was made a few weeks ago.

Rohit Adhikari along with Om Aggarwal and Shyam Kandel are among the producers of the film which is going to be shot from Bhadra. Manoj Wali and Ram Neupane are co-producers. Director Gurung has prepared the story and screenplay of the film, which is a collaboration between Rohit Adhikari Films, OSR Digital and Himalaya TV. Narendra Mainali will shoot the film.

The film will have music by Apurva Tamang, Naren Limbu and Kali Prasad Baskota, background score by Roman Bajracharya and editing by Nimesh Shrestha. Supran Shrestha is the production designer of the film where Shraddha Maskey is the makeup artist. The film will be based on a love story. Earlier, Rohit had made the film ‘Gajalu’ with Anmol. After 7 years, they collaborated again.

Anmol was supposed to be busy shooting for the film ‘Jerry: On Top’ from Baisakh. The first schedule of shooting was in Australia. However, as it is very cold (winter season) there now, after the shooting of the film was pushed back by one and a half months, he made a ‘Farki Farki’ deal. According to information received, he will work on ‘Farki Farki’ after completing the shooting of ‘Jerry: On Top’.

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