Benisha can be seen in a Hindi film.

Bollywood films are increasingly featuring actors from Nepal. Manisha Koirala, Sunil Thapa, Bholaraj Sapkota, Jharna Bajracharya and others have worked in Hindi films. However, no one else was as established in Bollywood as Manisha. Soon, actor Pradeep Khadka will make his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Airee’, and actress Benisha Hamal will also be seen in a Bollywood film.

Benisha revealed on Facebook that this will be her first time working in a Hindi film. “After months of work on voice modulation, diction and flow, I am fully ready for my first Hindi film,” she wrote, sharing some photos with the film’s crew. She is currently in the Panchachuli region of Pithoragarh, India, where the film is currently being shot.

She has not provided specific details about the movie. However, in one of the pictures she shared, ‘Durgam’ is written in the snow, which is understood to be the title of the film. She also shared a picture with Indian actor Godan Kumar on Facebook. They are collaborating, in other words. Godam has worked in films like ‘Dhadak’ and ‘Laal Kaptan’.

Before going to India to work on her first Hindi film, Benisha had completed the shooting of the film ‘Citamol’. In this, she is paired with actor Saugat Malla. Likewise, her new film ‘Upahar’ in which she is the main character is going to be released on Falgun 25th. Before the Corona epidemic, she had also taken a film-making course in Mumbai.

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