Advance ticket booking for ‘Agastya Chapter 1’ is open

The film “Agastya Chapter 1” has opened for advance booking. It will be released globally starting this Friday. The film received a lot of hype from its first look, teaser, and trailer, and most theaters across the nation have given it great shows.

The largest multiplex chain in the country, QFX, has scheduled 29 showings of the Saaurav Chaudhary-directed film outside of the valley and 15 shows in the valley. Similarly, One Cinemas of Kathmandu has given 8 shows by chaining two, Big Movies 3 shows, FQB 3 shows, BSR 4 shows, and the INI chain has given 12 shows in all the halls. Other theaters outside the valley have given 3 shows each. Looking at the ratio of shows, 111 movie halls across the country have provided 259 shows to ‘Agastya Chapter 1’.

Actors Saugat Malla and Najir Husen have received widespread praise for their dedication to the film. For this film, Saugat reduced his weight by 20 kg and gained 10 kg. His weight loss body, working even at a 45-degree temperature, has created new hype. Due to this, the discussion of the film has become very hot. Similarly, another actor, Najir gaining 20 kg for the film, shows how hard he has worked for his character.

For their commitment to the film, actors Saugat Malla and Najir Husen have won numerous accolades. Saugat gained 10 kg and lost 20 kg of weight for this film. His weight-loss physique, which functions even in 45-degree weather, has generated more attention. Comparably, Najir, another actor, demonstrates how hard he has worked for his character by putting on 20 kg for the film.

The action sequences with Saugat and Najir, Pramod Agrahari’s villainous portrayal, and Nischal Basnet’s cameo have all increased the film’s significance. The background score used in the teaser and trailer is also getting a lot of buzz.

The film stars Saugat Malla, Najir Husen, Malika Mahat, Pramod Agrahari, Nischal Basnet, Ben Basnet, Bijay Baral, Rabindra Jha, Shishir Bangdel, Simran Khadka, Prakash Dahal, Pradeep Dhakal, Gajendra Tripathi, Sachin Chandra and others.

Executive producers of the film are Bishow Gauchan and Abhishek Chaudhary, while producers Prakash Mall, Anish Tamang, and Binod Poudel. Sanjay Lama handled the cinematography, Nimesh Shrestha handled the editing, Kabiraj Gahatraj handled the choreography, Shree Shrestha handled the action direction, and SD Yogi handled the music.

The film presented by Dark Horse Entertainment and Seven Seas Entertainment has 800 to 1000 shows in the US and UK, 150 shows in Canada, 150 shows in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand, along with other European countries, 500 shows in Australia and New Zealand, and 7 in the Middle East countries. It will be released in 150 shows.

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