Nepali talent of the world in Kathmandu, singing and dancing auditions begin

Nepali talent of the world in Kathmandu, singing and dancing auditions begin

Kathmandu – Nepali artists selected from all over the world to compete in ‘My Voice Universe’ and ‘My Dance Universe’ have arrived in Kathmandu.

Nepali talents selected from more than 50 countries of different continents in the first round have arrived in Kathmandu to participate in the ‘Sightless Audition’ organized by the International Welfare and Support Foundation of America.

According to the foundation, the sightless audition for singing has started from Sunday. 140 Nepali talents in singing and 120 in dancing were selected from the field audition. According to the foundation, most of these talents have arrived in Kathmandu.

Field auditions of America and Canada were held in America, Belgium in Europe, Dubai in Middle East, Bangkok in East Asia, Sydney in Australia and Siliguri in India, while field auditions were held in Butwal, Nepalgunj, Damak and Kathmandu in Nepal.

For singing, 15 from America and Canada, five from Europe, seven from Australia, eight from East Asia’s Thailand, Fiji, Myanmar, etc., seven from Middle East Gulf countries, 33 from India, seven from Nepalgunj, nine from Butwal, 21 from Damak and 28 from Kathmandu have arrived in Kathmandu for the siteless audition. .

Almost the same number of dance talents have also come to Kathmandu from those countries. According to the foundation, they were kept in various hotels in Kathmandu. Dilli Adhikari, president of the foundation, informed that the Mero Voice Universe and Mero Dance Universe programs, which identify the Nepali talents in different countries around the world and select the best talent through Nepali song and dance competitions, have tried to bind the Nepali speaking community to a formula of their own culture.

The foundation established by a Bhutanese-American young businessman of Nepali origin with the aim of preserving and promoting Nepali language and culture has appointed famous singer Deep Shrestha as a judge for ‘My Voice Universe’. Musician Suresh Adhikari, singer Shiva Pariyar, Pushpan Pradhan and singers Anju Pant and Sujata Burma are the judges along with Shrestha.

Similarly, Mithila Sharma, Shankar BC, hero Dilip Rayamaji, actress Keki Adhikari and Priyanka Karki, Narman Rai have been contracted as judges for dance. The presiding officer informed that 50 people will be selected for the siteless audition which started on Sunday from the contestants selected from the field audition.

In the program of appointing the singing and dancing judges including singer Shrestha, the presiding officer said that he felt proud to have been able to recognize Nepali talents from all over the world and bring them to the motherland Nepal and give them an opportunity to compete. He said that he is confident that the jury will make a fair decision.

The presiding officer also expressed the belief that if Nepali cultural unity can be maintained, Nepalis living abroad can be connected to their ancestral country for generations and it will create an environment where they can be proud of their identity. In a ceremony held in Kathmandu, senior singer Deep Shrestha and Nepal President of the Foundation Dilip Rayamaji signed an agreement to contract the judges. Actress Rima bishwokarma, artist Sandeep Chhetri, mediaperson Naresh Bhattarai and Sunita Gurung are the presenters of this program.

Among those selected in the singing and dancing competition, the first prize will be Rs.1 crore, the second prize is Rs.30 lakh and the third prize is Rs.20 lakh. Similarly, there is a separate award system for group dance.

It is designed in such a way that the judges cannot see the contestants in this audition and the contestants cannot see the judges until they are selected. According to the organizers, the My Voice Universe program of the competition will be broadcast live on Nepal Television National Broadcasting and My Dance Universe on NTV Plus.

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