Actor and director say about ‘Prasad 2’ – The film is the story of Narayani’s rebellion

Actor and director say about ‘Prasad 2’ – The film is the story of Narayani’s rebellion

Kathmandu- ‘Prasad 2’ is ready for release on Friday. A press conference was held in Kathmandu on Sunday to inform about the demonstration. This was the first press conference after the shooting, where the director and the actors faced questions like the ups and downs the film was going through recently, the manipulation of actors and characterisation.

After ‘Dhanda’, Sudarshan Thapa, who is known as a romantic film director, has tried to tell a story in this social narrative. He discussed the plot of the second series of the film. He says that the audience will get to see a new chapter in the lives of Narayan and Baburam, who left the village for an inter-caste marriage 12 years ago, in the second series.

Narayani, Baburam and Prasad struggle to move forward in life. Just like 12 years ago when fell in love, had to leave the village and run away. After 12 years, the country got a new constitution. Rules became laws. It has a struggle based on family, social and political layers,” he said about the film.

In the second sequel, Prasad character is born as the child of the top character. Baburam and Narayani’s life struggle for Prasad is depicted in it. There are thousands of offerings in villages. Will Prasad also have to run away tomorrow?” he asked.

In the previous film, Sudarshan called it an urban story and a story of love. The 14-15 films I have done are equal. Some may be more and some may be less. But, what happens is that sometimes you fall in love with a film, plot and character. I get the vibes that I should tell a story. This is a film made in those vibes. I may have done a lot of urbanization and love story films, but any story told directly connects with the audience quickly, he said.

He says that he saw the story of ‘Prasad 2’ before his own eyes and it is a story of the place where he grew up. “Through Prasad 2, I have shown the society I experienced from my heart,” he says. Director Thapa also expressed his opinion about the ups and downs like sometimes the confusion during the shooting, sometimes the tension of the release.

These are personal pains. There are probably no words in the dictionary for the kind of obstacles that this film faced. But all these things are happening. How is it interesting that those things did not appear in the story of the film. What this movie taught me. It should be taken as a lesson, he said.

He claims that events outside the film will not make a difference to the audience. The audience does not think that it is related to things outside the film. If this film does not reach the audience, it will affect the audience who selflessly bought tickets and they will miss out on a film made with a good story,” Sudarshan said. “This is not an accident, it is a problem caused by human error.”

Actress Keki Adhikari said that Narayani is a patient and soft-spoken character. In the previous film, the audience saw Namrata Shrestha in the role of Narayani, but in this one, Keki is playing the role of Narayani. What’s the difference? She says, ‘Narayani’s inner nature is the same. Only the face is different. For me, there were other challenges than how to portray Narayani’s character. She said that working with Sudarshan Thapa, Bipin Karki, Arpan Thapa for the first time was challenging.

“Furthermore, the audience finds the voice of Narayani’s rebellion echoing in the film,” she said about the film’s bottom line.

In the press meet, distributor Gopal Kayastha said that he tried to release the film on that date, but it was not successful. I said the same thing in the meeting of the Film Association. But friends brought the film to Judha. Now the one whose content is good will run.

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