“The Nepal Culture Festival: The Final Week of Falgun”

The “Nepal Culture Festival” will take place at Nepalgunj in Banke on the 24th and 25th of Falgun. The festival aims to showcase national culture on a single platform.

Local groups will collaborate with “Antral” to organize and oversee the festival. The festival’s founder and CEO, Jay Narayan Shah, stated that Nepali original art culture, music, dance, folk dance, costumes, food, language, and handicrafts will be promoted and shared.

According to him, “a variety of dances and songs, including the Deuda dance and song of the Far West, the Chabrung dance based on the Limbu culture of Eastern Nepal, the Tharu and Period dance of Palam and Terai, the Panchebaja dance of the hilly region and Sherpa culture of the Himalayas, the Dhime Baja based on the Newar culture of the Kathmandu valley, and the Lakhe dance, will be presented in one location.” He states that specialists in song and dance, festivals and customs, and language and culture will converse and engage with one another.

According to Chief Executive Shah, the festival will be held with the dual goals of promoting and researching the cultures of all castes. “The festival aims to serve as a unifying ground for all cultures and musical genres,” he stated. “Many traditional instruments, costumes, and decorations are nearing extinction, and the younger generation finds it difficult to understand the melodies of the elder age.”

Nepalgunj Stadium will host the celebration. The festival will also feature a number of entertainment programs, according to the organizing group. There will be musical performances throughout the festival by well-known bands and singers from both domestic and international stages. Executive Chief Shah stated, “Country is not only geography; if culture is not preserved, identity will be lost.” “The Nepal Culture Festival in Nepalganj will reflect the entirety of Nepal.”

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