Actor Khagendra Lamichhane with director Dipender in Sarlahi for location hunting for new film ‘Mayor’

At the moment, director Dipendra K. Khanal is in Sarlahi. He has traveled to Sarlahi to see the location of his upcoming film, “Mayor,” which he will be directing. Khagendra Lamichhane, the film’s lead actor, has also arrived in Sarlahi to view the location.

Filming is about to begin, according to Dipendra K Khanal, who is currently in Sarlahi. As plans are made to begin filming on Falgun 15, location scouting is underway. The film stars Khagendra in the lead role; Arpan Thapa is another actor who has been confirmed. According to Khanal, the female lead has not yet been decided upon. “Our attention has shifted to some new faces,” he said. One of them will be completed. None of the well-known actresses of today seemed to match the film’s character.

Dipendra said that the actress should work with two age groups in the film. According to him, a new face was sought as he had to work in the role of a young woman in the beginning and later as a mother.

The life of Bharat Kumar Thapa, the mayor of Sarlahi’s Bagmati Municipality, will be chronicled in this film. While visiting the location, Mayor Thapa was also spotted with the film crew. This film will have Sagar Mainali and Arbisha Thapa invested in it.

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