Barsha Siwakoti in the “Modibeni” title role

Barsha Siwakoti and Amar Pratap Shrestha are going to act in the leading roles of the historical story film ‘Modibeni’. On Tuesday, after worshiping the script, camera and clap board at the Ganesh temple in Kamaladi, Kathmandu, the production team left for Kavre for filming.

Barsha has said that she is going to work on the film because the script and characters are excellent. My role is different. The plot is also different. This film can also be a new experiment,” she said. “Now the audience is also looking for something different. This film can be an example of that.” In the film, Barsha will be paired with Amar Pratap Shrestha. Amar is making his debut with this film.

Actress Regina Upreti is returning from “Modibeni” after a nine-year absence. In the film, Dilip KC plays her partner. Sources claim that Regina will play the part of Barsha’s mother in the film. Alongside Saroj Khanal, Kamal Mani Nepal, Jeevan Bhattarai, Saroj Aryal, Anamika Lamichhane, and Sneha Bhattarai will be other actors in the film. The screenwriter of the film is Anand Bikram Chhetri.

The film ‘Modi Beni’, which is being made under the direction of Shankar Koirala, will be based on the incident that happened around Parvat district. Produced by Dilip KC and co-produced by Hari Shrestha, ‘Modibeni’ will have DOP by Utsav Dahal, Production Design by Dipendra Gautam (Michael), Makeup by Shyam Baral, Hair Design by Geeta Paudel, Dress Design by Bhim Shrestha, and Chief Assistant Direction by Sagun Tamang.

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