From “University of Gundas,” Salin is returning.

After a five-year hiatus, actor Salin Man Bania will return to the screen. He stopped performing after the 2075 release of “Yatra,” but he is set to return with the upcoming “University of Gundas.” On Tuesday, a poster was used to formally announce the film’s production. In the poster, Salin is shown in an “action mood,” and the actor Salon Basnet is also shown with him.

The actor Salon is going to produce the film. It is still up to them to choose the director and actress. The choice of director and actress is still pending. The film, which is being produced under the banner of Salon-Salina Films, is slated to be shot next year.

After working together in two films, ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ and ‘Yatra’, Salin and Salon have a cordial relationship. They often meet each other, and both are close in family terms. They had been discussing the film for a long time. The title indicates that the film is going to be based on a gangster storyline.

After ‘Yatra’, even when many makers offered films, Salin did not show any desire to work. Instead, he was focused on business. Now his comeback is finalized. He will be seen as ‘Angry Young Man’ in ‘University of Gundas’. At this time, he is making special preparations for the character in the film.

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