The singers Satya Raj and Swaroop Raj’s official new music video was released.

Popular singer brothers Satya Raj Acharya and Swaroop Raj Acharya have come to the audience and sources with their new song, ‘Barule Kammar’ through their YouTube channel Satya Swaroop.

This song features music by Satya Swaroop and lyrics by Bhim Rai, ‘Pardeshi’. Rikesh Gurung, ‘Keys’, has composed the music for this song. Kishor Thapa has done the mixing and mastering of this song.

Arjun Tiwari shot the song, which Mausam Himali choreographed and directed. Manoj Karaki was in charge of the music video’s color and editing. Amar Dahal and Amrit Dahal have acted and danced along with actress Shilpa Maskey in this music video.

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