Film workers can get insurance up to one lakh for Rs 175

Film workers will be able to get insurance up to one lakh rupees for only 175 rupees. Surya Jyoti Life Insurance Company Ltd. and the Film Preservation Forum have agreed on the subject of the liability insurance scheme.

The letter of agreement was signed by Chairman Tikaram Rakhal (Rojan) on behalf of the Film Preservation Forum and Senior Deputy Chief Executive Officer Pawan Kumar Khadka on behalf of the insurance company.

The Deputy General Manager of the company, Narottam Dhakal, Samin Singh Bhandari of the Corporate Sales Department, and others were present at the signing ceremony.

Chairman Rakhal has informed us that, with the agreement, the Film Preservation Forum has started the insurance process for its member filmmakers. He has asked other filmmakers to take advantage of this scheme.

General Secretary Tej Giri has informed us that the insurance process has been initiated to reduce the burden on families in the event of the deaths of film workers during work or in other future events.

The Film Preservation Forum has introduced a plan to facilitate a minimum of one lakh to a maximum of 20 lakh in personal insurance. In this plan, there is an arrangement for insurance up to 1 lakh by paying 175 rupees per year, while the fee will vary according to the age and sum assured, Deputy Secretary General Giri informed.

There are more than 500 active members of the Film Preservation Forum, established to protect the rights, interests and rights of film workers.

Rakhal, the president of the forum, believes that the members of the forum will greatly benefit from this. Also, the senior chief executive officer of the insurance company, Khadka, said that he was happy to connect with the filmmakers through the Film Preservation Forum and that the organization would support and help the filmmakers.

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