Deepak Raj’s style: not afraid to speak, not to stop meeting

Deepak Raj’s style: not afraid to speak, not to stop meeting

Even God does not know who will become a staunch enemy and a dear friend in the field of politics and film. All things seen in these two areas are not true. In the same way, those who have been in politics for the sake of self-interest join hands overnight, in the same way, those who have been cursing each other in the film industry suddenly start singing the song of reconciliation. A vivid example of this is Deepakraj Giri.

He has to find a place to talk, he doesn’t leave anyone but himself. Be it public forum or social media. He confidently speaks/writes what he doesn’t like. This nature has also dragged him into controversy. The status written by Deepak Raj in the controversy over the Hindi language of ‘Prem Geet 3’ last Ashwin became his habit with the producer Santosh Sen again and again.

However, a few months ago, Deepak Raj and Santosh met, without getting tired of praising each other. Last week, after the Film Development Board announced the earnings of the films for the year 2079, Deepakraj also targeted the Chairman Bhuwan KC. He said that since Bhuwan KC came to the board, there has been nothing but gossip. He also used low-level words saying ‘this president’.

However, Deepakraj is not afraid to face anyone face to face no matter how harsh words he speaks. On Sunday, he also broke the deadlock with President Bhuwan KC. At the ‘Indo-Nepal Cinema Exchange Summit’ organized by the Film Development Board, he received a letter of appreciation from Bhuwan. He had his first meeting with Bhuwan after writing a status on Facebook. Both of them showed good cordiality towards each other.

A few days ago, the lack of communication between Bhuwan KC and Pradeep Khadka was also broken. Pradeep also asked for Bhuwan’s resignation saying that he intends not to allow the Hindi dub of ‘Prem Geet 3’ to be shown in Nepal. After that, Bhuwan also mocked Pradeep as a ‘flop hero’. Last week, at an award ceremony, both of them ended the lack of communication by hugging each other.

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