The music video for the new song ‘Hey Nira’ by SD Yogi and Shanti Shree was released

The music video for the song ‘Hey Nira’ with the melodious voice of singer SD Yogi and singer Shanti Shree Pariyar has been released.

Rabin Swopnil Giri wrote the song’s lyrics. The song has music, music composition, mixing, and mastering by SD Yogi.

Pawan Susling Rai shot the song, which Saroj and Aashma choreographed. Suroj Adhikari was in charge of the music video’s color and editing.

Saroj Adhikari directed the music video for the song, which stars Cartoon Crew Generation, Aashma Bishwokarma, and the director himself. It tells the tale of a young couple’s love and the challenges faced by their families.

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