New released video for the song ‘Timro Ra Mero’ by singer Smita Dahal and Sabin Subedi

The music video for the song ‘Timro Ra Mero’ with the melodious voice of singer Sabin Subedi and singer Smita Dahal has been released.

Gopal Lohar, a lyricist based in Ohio, USA, wrote the song’s lyrics. Ranjit Gazmer composed and arranged the music, while Bikram Karki mixed it.

The 80s-style music video for this song features the on-screen romance and love between Prabhat Pal Thakuri and Salina Khatri. Rakesh Dahal edited this video, which Shyam Lama shot. Heman Lamichhane choreographed the song, and Shyam Lama and JBR Sanam co-directed the music video.

Bhima Lohar is the producer for the music video, which has been released through the official YouTube channel Golo Production.

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