Vijay Lama ‘nude’ in ‘Antim Sanskar’?

Being able to give a ‘nude’ scene in a film is a matter of courage in itself. Almost no actor is prepared for such scenes. Because Nepali society has not yet been liberal enough to accept ‘nude’ scenes. Moreover, it is a challenging task to show such sensitive scenes artistically. Although such scenes have been used in Hollywood and Bollywood, they are slowly being ‘practiced’ in Nepali films. 

Actresses have given ‘nude’ scenes in some films. Swastima Khadka in ‘Bulbul’, Rewathi Chhetri in ‘Summer Love’, Shilpa Maskey ‘nude’ scene in ‘Parastri’. Probably for the first time, a male actor has given a ‘nude’ scene in a Nepali film. It has been reported that there is a ‘nude’ scene of actor Vijay Lama in the film ‘Antim Sanskar’ which is going to be screened from the 8th of Asadh.

At the trailer release event held in Kathmandu a few days ago, he did not reveal his ‘nude’ scene in the film, but allowed speculation. He said that he will know this after watching the film. However, he hinted towards a ‘nude’ scene by saying that he and actor Trichu Rai have an ‘exposure scene’ in the film. Lama also said that the role of the film is challenging for him. 

Referring to the ‘nude’ scene, he said, ‘After listening to the story, I was thinking whether to act or not. Because our society is tied to so many things. However, in many ways the society has let us down. In this film, we have considered the customs of the society.’ He also recounted the experience that it was difficult to work in the film due to the cold weather and ‘exposure’.

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